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Case Studies

Mr & Mrs G – Divorce
Mr G and his wife had separated about a year ago and were now getting divorced. Mr G had tried to re-mortgage the house in order to settle the divorce, but had been unable to obtain a high enough mortgage. So he approached us after seeing our advert. We agreed to buy the house from Mr & Mrs G allowing them both to move on with their lives. Both Mr & Mrs G were delighted with the service we offered.

Mrs W – Repossession Stopped
Mrs W approached us via our web site after being served with a repossession eviction order. She had unfortunately lost her job about a year ago and as a result had fallen into arrears with her mortgage and was struggling to pay off a car loan and store card debt. We assisted Mrs W in applying to the court for an application hearing to delay the execution of the eviction order. We then attended court with Mrs W and successfully delayed the eviction long enough for us to purchase the property and stop the repossession process. We also helped Mrs W to clear her other debts through negotiation with her creditors. Mrs W is now a very happy renting another property that she can afford without the pressure of mounting debt on her shoulders.

Mr S & Miss K – Fast sale and move on
Mr S approached us after separating from his girlfriend, Miss K. They had bought a house together a few years ago but now both wanted to go their separate ways with new partners. We purchased the house from them in under 4 weeks, enabling both of them to quickly move on with their lives. We were able to give Mr S a flexible moving out date which enabled both of them to move their possessions with the minimum of stress and hassle.

Mr & Mrs J – Moved without the stress & uncertainty of a sales chain
Mr & Mrs J had found their dream retirement home, an idyllic cottage in the country. Interest in the cottage was very high, but Mr & Mrs J’s offer was accepted subject to them being able to exchange contracts within 28 days. In order to meet this timescale and buy their dream home they needed to sell their current home quickly. They approached us and within 48 hours we had agreed to purchase the property. 4 weeks later we exchanged contracts. We then gave Mr & Mrs J the flexibility to stay in their old home for a further two months whilst the purchase of the cottage went through. Mr & Mrs J are now happily living in their new cottage, having bought it without all the considerable stress and uncertainty that would have been involved had they relied on trying to sell their old home via a traditional estate agent.


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